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1st Squadron / First Cavalry - First Regiment of Dragoons

Here are a few links to video's taken by Jay Klein in 70-71. Sit back and remember.

You Tube 1 You Tube 2 You Tube 3 You Tube 4

"We were Soldiers Once" - song by my friend, Rick Dosedlo

"Old Philosopher" - Army Times article

"I now know why" (PDF) - author unknown

"Everything I needed to know..." - Tiger Lily -

"Thank You! note" - anonamous

"Vietnam Deep Inside" - by Sandra S. Harris

"Into the Nam" - by Jonathan Holmes

Louis 'Duke' Schiermeyer recognition

John Steinbeck's note home - unknown

Man in the Door - A story by Marine Michael Rierson

"Come Visit My Grave" - Poem by Jim Rolfes

Tribute to those that served (199th LIB) - Song by Jack Murphy