by: Jim Rolfes, Commander, Plymouth County American Legion Wasmer Post No. 241, LeMars, Iowa
1st Squadron / First Cavalry - First Regiment of Dragoons
I am a veteran laid under the sod,
I'm in good company, I'm up here with God.
Come to my grave and visit with me,
I gave my life so you could be free,

Today is Memorial Day throughout this great land,
There's Avenue of Flags, parades and bands.
I can hear music, the firing squad and taps,
Here come my comrades, the legionnaires, the Bluecaps.

One of them just put a flag by my stone,
Some day he'll have one by his own.
Some think of this day as just a day free from toil,
While others are busy working the soil.

They say they have plans, other things to do,
Don't put us aside as you would an old shoe.
Come visit my grave in this cemetery so clean,
This is what Memorial Day means.

There are many of us lying in wakeless sleep,
In cemeteries of green and oceans of deep.
It's sad that for many who fought so brave,
Now no one comes to visit their grave.

They died so you could have one whole year free,
Now can't you save this one day for me?
There are soldiers, sailors, airmen up here,
Who went into battle despite of their fear.

I've been talking up here to all of those men,
If they had to do it over, they'd do it again.
Look, someone is coming to visit my grave,
It's my family, for them my life I gave.

My wife, I remember our last embrace,
As I left the tears , streamed down your face.
I think you knew the day I shipped out,
I wouldn't return, your life'd be turned about.

There's my daughter that I used to hold,
Can it be that you're nearly twenty years old?
Next month is to be your wedding day,
I wish I could be there to give you away.

My son's here too,
Dad's little man,
Always love your Country, do for it what you can.
There is one thing that really did bother,
Is seeing you grow up without the aid of a father.

I wish you could all hear me from up above,
That's a father's best gift to his children is love.
And what better way to prove my love to the end,
Is that a man lay down his life for his friends.

I see it's time for you to go home,
Your visit made it easier to remain here alone.
Don't cry honey, you look so sad,
Our children are free, you should be so glad.

Daughter, thanks for the bouquet so cute,
Thank you son, for that sharp salute.
Come again, I forgot, you can't hear me from up here,
But I know you'll come visit me next year.

I hope all veterans are treated this way,
On this day to remember, Memorial Day.