1st Squadron / First Cavalry - First Regiment of Dragoons
How can I submit my story for displaying on the D-Troop website??
If you would like to submit your own D-Troop story or experience, please go to the story submittal page. All stories will be reviewed for appropriate content prior to listing. Please no vulgar language or overly explicit details. Your thoughts and memories are simply for sharing with others. Please try to limit your stories to no more than 350 words. Contact Mike Gustin if you have any questions or concers regarding your story.
How do I provide my LOCATOR information to the secure site?
The D-Troop locator page is a secure site intended for the use of D-Troop members and their family's ONLY. This information is intended to assist in finding old pals and maintaining correspondence links for our members. Simply go to the Contact Update page and fill out the entire form. Once received, your information will be posted on the Locator site. You will need to contact me for your username and password in order to see the records.
If I provide my LOCATOR information, can I elect to NOT have it published on the website and have the information kept for contact purposes only?
Yes you can. On the Contact Update form, you will find a box asking if you would like your information displayed on the page. This information will be kept in strict confidence.
Why should I sign the guestbook?
The guestbook shows your support for the Unit and provides a means to write a small amount of information to be read by everyone. The guestbook is intended for anyone wishing to sign... not only for D-Troop members.
Who do I notify if I have changed my email, phone, or mailing address?
If you need to update any personal information, you can contact any of the following (preferrably all). Mike Gustin, Nick Lappos, Keith Aakre, Chuck Abbott, or Mel Walker. Or, you can simply re-submit your information using the Contact Update information form.
Is this D-Troop site strictly intended for use by D-Troop members?
Absolutely not. The D-Troop members are proud of their role while serving in Vietnam and willing share their experiences with everyone.
Why should I share my photos on the website?
You're not only sharing with friends, but also bringing back some memories of old friends. Also, if you send me your photos for scanning, you'll also get a CD of all your photos and slides to have for safe keeping and won't have to worry if your photos get damaged or lost. Many times the photos of friends triggers a welcomed email or phone call to just say hi to your old pals. I only place non-explicit photos on the website, which allows the entire family to share in your experience. If you have not sent me your photos yet, please do so. click here to contact me.
How can I have my photos and slides submitted to the website?
If you have photos, slides or documentation that is related to the Troop, the process is quite simple. All you have to do is let me know, and together we can work out the details to have your photos, etc put on the site. There are a number of ways to do this. If you have digital photos, I can set up an FTP site for you to put your files and I can then grab them and incorporate them into the site. If you have photos or slides needing scanned, I can do this for you as well. Just mail them to me and I'll have them back to you along with a CD containing all your digital images. The process can typically be done in a few short days, so you should have your valuable items back in your hands within the week.
How do I purchase D-Troop items?
Very simply go to the Giftshop page. Fill out the form or make necessary contacts.
How can I find my friends that served with D-Troop?
There are several members with extensive information regarding those that served with the Troop. If you are a D-Troop member and have filled out the Locator information, I can provide you with access the secure listing. Hopefully you can find the person you're searching for on the site, but in the event you're still coming up with a blank, you can contact me. I will pass along your request to others that might have what you have requested.

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