Schiermeyer Certificate

1st Squadron / First Cavalry - First Regiment of Dragoons

Louis "Duke" Schiermeyer

Recently, D-Troop members again banded to help fellow Sabre Duke Schiermeyer. Duke needed a boost – he is undergoing a health crisis, and he also is reliving the disappointment he experienced when he returned from RVN and found the Army had stripped him of his aircrew status (no orders could be found) and also his flight pay (samo-same!)

For decades, Duke let it lay, but now he wanted something to tell his son, Nick, that his Dad had truly been there and got the T shirt. Duke’s fellow Sabres provided a framed certificate, signed by many of us to recognize his devotion and service with D-Troop. Thanks to everyone who took part in this recognition to Duke, he now has a unique way to proudly commemorate his service to D-Troop and the United States of America.

In true 21st century style, the certificate was prepared digitally, the signatures gathered via email, and the completed copy was forwarded to a Kinko's near Dukes home in Las Vegas for finalization and framing. On August 22nd, two weeks after we had started the effort, Dukes wife picked up the framed certificate and presented it to him. A special thanks goes out to all the D Troopers who took the time and effort to recognize Duke for his service.

Here are a couple photos Duke's wife took after presenting him with his certificate.

Photo of the Certificate
Photo of Duke and his Certificate