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"Delta Troop" began it's history in 1833 when it was formed as part of the 1st Squadron 1st Cavalry. It has, since it's inception, indelibly engraved it's name in the annals of history as a part of the United States Army's most battle honored unit.
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2022 San Antonio Reunion latest update.
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In Memory of Rodger Adkinson. Recently passed away. Obituary

See the newly added 2018 Las Vegas Reunion photos.
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Welcome to D-Troop.com

Since February 2004, there has been a substantial gravitation to the site. We now have nearly 300 names and contact information for pilots, gunners, "blues", admin, maintenance and others, which now provide an avenue for many of our friends to keep in touch.

For the best information about the D-Troop 1/1 unit which served in Vietnam during the periods of 1968 to 1972, you've come to the right place. All D-Troop members are welcome to share their information and be proudly recognized as part of our elite unit. I welcome all feedback and additional information regarding the unit is always welcomed. Please bookmark this page and check back often for updates.
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This website is intended to keep all our D Troop pals in constant touch. Many of us served and operated as a well-oiled machine during the Vietnam War, and our hearts were all touched by some of the bravest and most courageous soldiers of the time. Many Vietnam veterans would have put his life on the line to help his fellow soldier in time of need. After many years with absolutely NO contact with my Army pals, I decided to make this site. We have a great bunch of guys keeping in contact with one another. Many have also donated their photos, stories, documentation, memories, and much more over the years and I hope the trend continues. Tell your friends about our D Troop website. It remains to be a truly cohesive group of good guys that recognize the role we played in Vietnam. By wandering through the pages of the site, you'll realize we were a bunch of young kids with dedication and loyalty to our fellow soldier and most of all for our country. We will never forget our friends... all those that we fought along side and even more so for ALL the brave young men that made the ultimate sacrifice.

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I would like to thank all those D-Troopers that have generously donated to the support of the DTroop website. Also, thanks to all of you that have purchased our DTroop items from our giftshop. Everything donated and generated from sales proceeds are used to keep the site up and running and at times I will use some of the funds to donate to a good cause... Including our DTroop Reunions.
Thanks once more and please be safe.

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Mike Gustin
San Tan Valley, Arizona


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Author, John Steinbeck wrote, "I wish I could tell you about these pilots. They make me sick with envy. They ride their vehicles the way a man controls a fine, well-trained quarter horse. They weave along stream beds, rise like swallows to clear trees, they turn and twist and dip like swifts in the evening..."

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