I was recently contacted by Mr Patrick Turlan of Chicago, a very good and close friend of a Vietnam Veteran, Mr Chester Brozell, Jr who was a Huey Crew Chief. Prior to his death, Chester passed along this tail rotor chain attached to a Vietnam era Seiko watch to Mr Turlan. I was surprised to see something like this still around.  It's in need of some work and currently with a jeweler friend of mine for some needed repairs.

Update: No luck finding someone to repair. I'll keep looking.

Mr Turlan felt that it would be a nice gesture to donate it to a Vietnam Veteran with helicopter experiences. I very much appreciate receiving this piece and the honor that comes with the tail rotor chain.  Also with this, comes the memory of a Vietnam Veteran, Chester Brozell, Jr.

I don't have much more information to offer at this time.  Not sure where he was in country, nor his unit, or even what years he toured Vietnam. But deeply thank him for his service. RIP

Mr Chester Brozell, Jr
Chicago, IL
Born: Aug 05, 1953
Died: Feb 27, 2021


Contact me if you have any information to add. Thank you.