who's coming?

Here is a list of those already registered to attend the 2020 Reunion. Make your $200 deposit today. Only takes a couple minutes.

    Make your reservations now...
    Call Royal Caribbean Group Reservation Specialist at:
    800-465-3595, Monday thru Friday 9:00am - 6:00pm EST) and tell them you are with the "D-Troop Reunion" Group ID# 740331

Mike Gustin & Julie Scouts AZ
Nick Lappos & Mary Guns UT
Mike Eidem & Sandra Slicks OR
Doyle (DJ) Miner & Susan Scouts IA
Don Wargi & Berna Scouts Peru
Al (Doc) Brizendine & Deborah Slicks TX
Ron Walker & Janice Scouts WI
Roger Wise & Francis Guns NV
Gary Smith & Darlene Slicks FL
Brian Elliott & Pamela Guns FL
Dariel Rexroat & Frances Slicks KY
Gary Hickman & Sally Scouts CA
Jim Allen & Sandra Slicks NC
Chuck Abbott & Cheryle Slicks NV
Mel Walker Guns ID
Jim Montgomery Slicks NC
Greg McCoy & Slicks FL
Don Wilhite & Gwen Blues AZ
Dale McKnight & Harriet Guns MT
Hop Collin & Marga Slicks AL
James Astrouski & Betty Scouts IL
Ted Rosmaryn & Mimi Scouts CA
Keith Aakre & Jacquelin Scouts SD
Freddie Kelsey & Mona    
Jim McCue & Anita Slicks WA
Ken Rose & Rita Cochell Scouts WA
Phillip Large & Betty Slicks KY