OH-6a Restoration

1st Squadron / First Cavalry - First Regiment of Dragoons
About a year ago, I was contacted by a gentleman who recently purchased what is left of AC 69-15966. He found that this was flown by D-Troop and wanted to know a little more of the history and the role of this not forgotten LOH.
He wrote: "Hi Mike, I was looking through the D troop site, and came across a couple pictures you posted of an OH-6 Loach tail number 69-15966. I purchased that very helicopter and will be bringing it home to Bakersfield, CA to restore. Currently it's just a stripped fuselage, but I was shocked to see the number on two of your pictures. Thought I would share that with you and maybe we can chat a bit. Thank you, Lyle Strader".

Here are some photos and I'll post progress as it becomes available. Hope to see it up and running some day. Thanks to Lyle

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