Rodriguez Photo Album

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Carlos Rodriguez Scouts hovering above
Guzman and Rodriguez
Light Action - article
Rodriguez Guzman, Locals and Peeler
Rodriguez, unknown and Hernandez
Blues heading to mission
1st Sgt Tremmel
Ville with locals Philippino Floor show
Philippino Floor show
Blues in the field Peeler (RTO) & Guzman
Blues in the field
Peeler, unknown & Guzman
Blues Guzman Brown, Guzman, Scout, Bereida, unknown & unknown Clover? Philippino floor show Philippino floor show Hooch maid Hooch maid Blues in the field
Rodriguez & Guzman
Rodriguez & Bereida (bkgrnd)
Hernandez, Rodriguez, Santiago at Christmas meal
Vietnamese New Year
Heading out on a mission
Rodriguez & Santiago
Bereida and unknown
Ready for extraction
Bereida and SSG Unknown
Rodriguez & Brown
Rodriguez, Santiago, Rivera and Hernandez (front)
Sgt Allen and Peeler
Flight attendants Freedom bird De briefing Heading home
Main Gallery