John Harris photos

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John Harris
money2 1970payrate 1970payrate2 Countryside Village Hootch Countryside LZ Baldy LOH crash site 992 hovering Richards and Hickman Jolly green giant Chu Lai runway Mr Magoo 284 with Jay Kline Wreck of 284 284 LOH in revetment LOH hovering Pale Horse LOH Stabelizer Huey's en route Leaving LZ Scout team parked Parked LOH OV-1 Mohawk C-130 Countryside Unknown location app0032 LOH at LZ Unknown location These were the Marine (FO,s) pilot's we flew with up at Da Nang
Left to right - Bill Broadaway, Jack Frase, Fat Talk (Nick name), Bair Couner, BC (Nick name)
John Harris John Harris Jay Kline Unknown
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